Are Hedgehogs Fast? Learn Your Hedgehog’s Movements Today!

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I saw my friend’s hedgehog running so fast that I wondered, how could that be? How can such an animal be so quick? So I decided to find out everything about it. Here is what I found out.

How Fast Are Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs can be fast up to a limit. They can run up to 5.5 miles per hour in short sprints when threatened by a predator.[1]

Their speed is impressive considering their shape, but they are not that fast compared to other animals.

Their regular speed (~3 mph) is much slower than guinea pigs or cavies but keeping in mind that they don’t run that much and are often protected by their quills, that’s impressive.

If you are concerned about your hedgehog’s lethargy, you can buy an exercise wheel for him to use.

This the best exercise wheel that we have found on Amazon.

On a wheel, hedgehogs can reach a max speed of 10-12 mph according to several forum posts.[2]

A wheel allows your hedgehog to have his daily exercise within the house and keep him from getting bored.

In addition to mental stimulation, running helps hedgehogs maintain their body weight. The advantage of these wheels is that they allow you to watch your hedgehog’s progress in their daily activities.


Are Hedgehogs Fast Like Sonic?

Are Hedgehogs Fast? Learn Your Hedgehog's Movements Today!

Hedgehogs cannot be fast like sonic. Sonic is a video game character that runs with the speed of sound while hedgehogs can at best run between 4-5 mph in small sprints.


Although Sonic is the fastest game character, there are even faster video game characters than him. Shadow the hedgehog reaches a top speed of 299,338 kilometers/186 miles per hour or about 3,840 mph. This is a very impressive amount of speed, especially because he rarely uses his full speed.



Do Hedgehogs Like to Run?

Are Hedgehogs Fast? Learn Your Hedgehog's Movements Today!

Hedgehops are small animals and they do like to run to get some exercise. Most of the times they don’t run unless it is necessary to save their lives, to catch a prey, to reduce stress or other circumstances.[3]


The circular motions may be due to stress or an imbalance of the inner ear canals. There is no concrete scientific research to support this behavior. In addition, it is important to remember that hedgehogs are shy creatures, so it is important to be gentle when handling them.



In addition to their natural running behavior, hedgehogs need exercise to stay healthy and strong. While they may be slower than other animals, they can still cover a great distance. They need to exercise every night to stay healthy. Invest in an exercise wheel for your critter. You won’t find one at the local pet shop, so make sure to choose one specifically designed for a hedgehog’s size.


How Much Do Hedgehogs Run?

Most hedgehogs run a maximum of 12 miles (20 km) each night. This amount of running is necessary for the animals to stay healthy and strong.


To minimize the noise they make, consider purchasing a silent-running cage wheel and blankets that absorb the sound of their footsteps.


One wildlife website found that hedgehogs can cover between 2 and 3 kilometers in a single night. In that time, males cover more distance than females.[4] While this distance is impressive for any creature, it’s particularly astounding when considering the tiny legs of these creatures.


This can help you estimate the average amount of activity they engage in daily. As long as you can provide your pet with a comfortable environment, you can expect your critter to be active throughout the night.

What is circular dance done by hedgehogs?

Some hedgehogs perform a circle dance with other animals in their group. This is likely a courtship ritual. Other people have suggested performing these activities as part of a courtship ritual. However, other theories suggest that their actions could result from pesticide poisoning, parasites, or other problems. Whatever the cause, a hedgehog’s speed and agility are impressive.


Can Hedgehogs Jump?

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Hedgehogs can jump, but not very high. Their short, round bodies do not allow them to climb comfortably, and their limbs are not long enough to support their body weight. This makes them ungainly climbers.


While they can jump, they do not attempt to leap because the force of gravity works against them. As a result, hedgehogs can only jump a short distance. In addition, jumping is a defensive mechanism for hedgehogs.


Hedgehogs are intermittent jumpers

A hedgehog cannot leap continuously. Instead, it jumps intermittently, preparing for the next jump. The reason hedgehogs do not perform continuous, consecutive jumps is that they need time to recover from each one. Also, the ability to leap requires more than just an instinct.

Why Do Hedgehogs Jump?

A hedgehog must be threatened, uncomfortable, or otherwise irritated before performing a successful jump.


Even though hedgehogs can jump, they do not perform them often. As a result, they are unable to defend themselves from predators. They spend half their lives curled in a ball in their natural habitats.


Can anything stop them from jumping when required? Yes!


A proprioceptive system controls the skeletal muscles of a hedgehog. These sensory organs provide information about the position of a hedgehog’s head and body. If the proprioceptive function is lost, a hedgehog will develop ataxia. This causes the animals to lose response to proprioceptive feedback, resulting in ataxia. This will prevent the animal from successfully jumping.


How Far Can Hedgehogs Jump?


When it comes to jumping, hedgehogs aren’t the fastest creatures on the planet. They can leap around twelve to fifteen inches horizontally and up to twenty inches vertically. They also make a clicking noise before jumping.


Even if they fall from a great height, they often fall on purpose to avoid a predator. For the most part, they use their spine to cushion their falls. Despite their lack of agility, they can climb almost vertically and can reach a maximum height of 30 feet. Moreover, they can climb stairs and ledges.


This is a common movement strategy among animals. From humans to mice, every creature can leap. However, jumping is complicated and erratic, requiring a high level of skill.


Can a Hedgehog Survive a Fall?


Hedgehogs can survive a fall if it’s not too high. They are generally very resilient creatures in the wild and will most likely survive after falling from a mid-sized tree or other smaller objects. However, some falls can be fatal if not treated well.


How to rescue a fallen hedgehog

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If you see the hedgehog lying flat on the ground, it could have suffered a severe injury to its legs or hips.

What you can do right there and then:

  1. Visibly check out whether the hedgehog is able to move. If it isn’t, you will have to take it to a nearby vet.
  2. Get a warm towel and scoop it up. Be gentle as it is already threatened and traumatized due to the fall.
  3. Take all the notes on how you find it and what it was doing when you were touching it or picking it up. Was it hissing? Anything else? These can help your vet diagnose the problem.
  4. Visit a nearby vet and let him checked out.


If the fall caused a wound on the nose or ears, the animal might attempt to sunbathe to get some heat inside its body. It will also collapse if it cannot stand or move. If a fall has left a hedgehog in pain, you should seek medical attention.


Do Hedgehogs Feel Pain If They Fall?


Hedgehogs can feel pain when they fall but they are very capable of keeping that pain to themselves and hiding from others.


Unlike other animals, hedgehogs are not always aware of what’s happening to them. For example, if a hamster falls on its head, it can experience severe pain. A hamster’s head may also turn red, which indicates that it has suffered an injury.


The spine of a hedgehog is rigid. If it falls, it will experience pain. In the case of a fall, the spine can be stiff, but it doesn’t hurt the animal. However, the animal will usually die when it falls, and you may have to put it down or euthanize it.


Can Hedgehogs Climb Trees?

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Hedgehogs can and do climb trees. Despite their terrestrial origins, these creatures can easily scale large trees. They use a method called chimneying to walk up a vertical wall. They also have sharp quills that help them avoid sliding down.


They are adept at climbing small walls and fences, so they’re more likely to succeed than you think. However, don’t be alarmed if you see a hedgehog on your property.


Even though they can easily climb trees, they’re likely to fall from the high branches and fracture their limbs. In addition, their tiny toes make it difficult to grasp surfaces, so they could easily stumble and injure themselves. Finally, many trees are made of bark, making them difficult to grip.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Out of Cages?

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That’s a rarity, btw 😀

Hedgehogs are known to try and climb out of their cages. But, it is a rarity that they will successfully do so. The reason for this is simple: their feet are so tiny, and they have no claws or hands.


This means that if they attempt to climb out of the cage, they will simply fall off. Since their main motivation for climbing is to find food, they do not need to climb. Instead, they tend to try and climb out of curiosity.


For added safety, a deep plastic pan in the bottom of the cage is ideal. A plastic pan is preferable over a metal pan, as it will not rust and retain its integrity over time.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How Resilient Are Hedgehogs?


Hedgehogs are very resilient creatures. You can learn about the resilience of hedgehogs by observing them in the wild. While you may not have seen them climb trees, they can reach up to 30 feet. While climbing, they will also drop out of trees to eat insects and other foods.


Sometimes they will fall accidentally or on purpose. This can be a way to avoid predators or a simple form of defense. Whatever the reason, falling is faster than climbing.


Are Hedgehogs Good Pets?


Hedgehogs are wonderful pet though they are not for all. These animals are very shy and will not perform complicated tricks or display complicated affection displays. They are not like orcas! While they are smart, they are not overly social.


Rather, you should expect that your pet will be very shy. They are easy to take care of and will be more than happy to cuddle with you, but if you’re not sure, you should try to find a breeder who has an appropriate animal welfare rating.


Can Hedgehogs Hurt You?


A hedgehog doesn’t have the strength to hurt a large mammal like humans. A bite from them can be painful but it is harmless. The best way to prevent a hedgehog from harming you is to make sure that you safely handle them.



What Does a Hedgehog Eat?


Hedgehogs need a balanced diet with several different types of food. Here is a list of foods your hedgehog needs. Ensure that you buy the right kind of kibble for your pet.


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