The Complete Ferret Pooping Guide

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New ferret owners can be seriously perplexed by the strange behavior of ferrets pooping all around the house. I see several such questions online. Therefore, I took out my smartphone and researched all about it. Many things completely changed my belief regarding this, and here is what I found.

Do ferrets poop a lot?

Ferrets do poop a lot. In fact, adults poop anywhere between 3 to 4 hours. [1] The young ferrets are even more frequent. They can create a lot of mess if not handled properly. You can get your carpet, walls, and anywhere in between stained due to them. 

But that’s not all. You can get rid of these pooping problems by reading the details below. So, don’t miss out.

How often do ferrets poop (go to the bathroom)

Ferrets poop every 3 to 4 hours as the time for transit through their GI tract is about three hours after every meal. A normal ferret chews on the food all the time, and hence the poop keeps coming on.

Why do ferrets poop so much?

Ferrets have a fast metabolism [2], and whenever the food gets digested, like any other animal, they have to poop. Hence, they poop so much. If the frequencies are higher than three hours, which is an average time for a ferret to poop, there could be a problem or infection, so consult a vet immediately.

Where do ferrets poop and pee?

Ferrets like to poop and pee in corners as they feel safe, making one side unable to penetrate by any predator like coyotes or big birds. If they are not trained well, they can poop anywhere they like. Pooping and peeing is also used to indicate their territorial dominance.

Ferrets go to a nearby corner where they feel safe and then turnaround to poop or pee.

BTW, if your ferret finds a cat or dog nearby, it may want to show them “who’s the boss” by pooping.

Do ferrets poop in litter boxes?

Ferrets can poop in litter boxes, but firstly they should be trained well to poop in them, and also, the litter boxes should be big enough so that they can keep their body inside them while they are doing the nature calls.

Why do ferrets poop in corners?

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Ferrets poop in corners because they feel safe while doing so. By pooping in corners, they make one of the sides where predators can attack them unavailable. It is an instinct, and it comes naturally in them as they behave like this in the wild.

In the beginning, you can put newspapers in the corners if you don’t have litter supplies.

How do I stop my ferret from pooping everywhere?

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You can stop your ferrets from pooping in the corners by firstly potty training them to poop in the specific loitering areas where you have already kept the litter boxes. Secondly, you can place their sleeping mats, toys, and other items that they associate with food and sleep at the corners.

Ferrets don’t like to poop where they sleep, which will deter them from doing so.

Are ferrets easy to potty train?

Potty training ferrets is as easy or hard as with any other animal. It can take anywhere up to 6 months for small dogs to learn where they need to poop. The process is similar in ferrets as well. If you go through step-by-step, it shouldn’t take that long.

But, have some patience and follow through our guide.

How to poopy train a ferret? (Potty train)

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Potty training in ferrets is done in two stages: 1) first, you need to potty train them in their cages, and 2) then, you can teach them outside.

Before starting anything, you need litter supplies.


So, what do you need?

You need: litter boxes, pieces of litter, pee pads (optional), and cleaning supplies (vinegar).

Litter boxes

For boxes, the big cat ones should do fine. But, make sure they can put their whole bodies in it while they poop. This is especially essential for male ferrets.

If the cage is smaller, they may not like to poop in it.

Also, make sure that the entering side is smaller to easily get in while the other side is taller to keep the poo and pee inside.

You can check some of them on Amazon here.

Pieces of litter

Not all litters are made equal; some can even harm your ferret. Hence, find the best litter that does not harm or irritate your ferret.

Avoid using pelleted litter as they can remain damp for a long time. In my view, the best would be paper pellets.

Pee pads

Pee pads are optional; Some use them while others don’t. Ferrets can chew peed pads, and they can cost you a penny if they aren’t reusable.


To clean both the right poops and the accidents, use diluted vinegar. A 50:50 ratio should be sufficient.

Potty training a ferret in the cage

Potty training a ferret in the cage

1. You should start with training in the cage. Once ferrets are trained there, then it is much easier to do outside.

2. The best time potty train a ferret would be in the morning as they wake up.

3. Ferrets like to poo in the corners, so attach toys, sleeping pads, etc to all corners to make sure they stay away from there.

4. Now, put a litter box with pieces of old poop inside to understand the place with the smell.

5. Whenever they go inside the desired litter box, use positive reinforcement to strengthen the habit. You can provide treats immediately after the poop to do so.


Some ferrets might do faux/phony/phantom poops (where they just sit there and not do anything) to get the rewards. Don’t provide rewards in these cases. Provide rewards only when they have poo-ed.

6. Punishments with ferrets is a big no-no. Especially when you don’t know when they have pooped. The furry litter creatures might associate your shouting/rubbing their nose etc with any other thing and can get confused.

7. Keep repeating this for days and keep the litter box clean. Ferrets don’t like to poop and pee in messy places.

Now, they can be trained to poop outside.

Potty training ferrets outside the cage

Potty training ferrets outside the cage

Once potty training is completed inside the cage, it become relatively easy to do outside of it.

1. Start with just one room and then move to the others.

2. Just like in the cage, cover all corners with toys, sleeping bags (with the ferret’s smell), and food trays, so they avoid those places.

3. Place appropriate-sized litter boxes with high-quality litter in them in the areas you want them to poop and pee.

4. Use positive reinforcement by providing treats whenever they correctly get the job done.

Ninja Trick:

You can also use a clicker with the treat to associate that positive re-enforcement with the clicker. Once the attachment is done, it will be much easier for the ferret to understand the reward and pooping connection. In case she’s blind, you need to provide the reward in the mouth immediately.

5. Clean the litter boxes every day while leaving some poop behind to understand the litter boxes by their smell.

6. Don’t punish or humiliate/timeout the ferret in case they are not doing things correctly. It can take a lot of time for a ferret to understand the right location.

7. Make sure to keep at least 2-3 litter boxes in their favorite locations. This will definitely decrease the number of accidents that may happen with just one box.

8. If you see them beelining somewhere in a hurry, that’s an indication they want to poop. At that time, you need to act immediately and put them in the box. Keep them there until they finish.

9. If they are unable to hold, there are chances that they are suffering from an infection. Treat the infection immediately by visiting a nearby vet.

10. Be patient, and soon, your ferret will understand how to do it. Ferrets love to get attention and positive treatment, so likely the positive re-enforcement will help.

Is ferret still pooping outside?

There can be two cases to this situation: 1) They are pooping peeing just beside the litter box. 2) They are doing it in a completely different area.

For the first one, the reason is simple: They are not feeling comfortable in the box. Male ferrets need to put all their legs in the box before they can poop or pee. And, for both males and females, excessive poop in the box is a deterrent.

It is also possible that they may shy in pooping at first in front of you. So, provide them some space.

If they are pooping in a completely different area, then there are very few litter boxes out there. Please increase the number of boxes, so they don’t feel the pain to reach them every time.

Related Questions

Is ferret poop toxic?   

Ferrets poop can contain a lot of bacteria, including Salmonella, Giardia, and Campylobacter. All of these bacteria can reside in their poop, and if handled by vulnerable receivers like small children or aged adults, they could transfer and create a lot of problems.

Here is a list of symptoms that ferrets show if they have such problems and how you can handle them.

Why is my ferret’s poop green?

Green poop in ferrets can come out due to several reasons. If the feed is in green color, then everything is fine. Else, it could also be a sign that your ferret is suffering from an infection like ECE.

Why is my ferret’s poop runny/watery?

Runny and watery poop is usually a symbol of stress in ferrets. These occur when the food passes through the colon, and not much water is absorbed. The water then comes out as runny poop.

If it happens on a single occasion, then it’s okay, but if it continues, then it could be a sign of diarrhea.

Blood in ferret’s poop

Blood in ferret poop can occur due to various reasons, including slight rupture in the anal areas, internal bleeding, etc. If it is for a single day, it’s not much of a worry but if it continues, immediately contact a nearby vet.

How to remove ferret urine smell?

There are animal fecal odor removers in the market. You can use them to do so.

How to make ferret stop peeing at the gate?

This is a common problem for new ferret owners. You either need to block their way to the door or attach stuffed animals/sleeping blankets to it.

How to tell if a ferret wants to poop?

There are some tell-tell signs to understand when a ferret wants to poop. The first would be when they start going somewhere(beeline) immediately while playing around. The second sign occurs when they wake up and start going somewhere in a hurry.

Ferrets poop/pee by flipping body around and putting the tail up.

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