What Animals Get Along With Rabbits? A Comprehensive List!

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Having adopted a rabbit a long time ago and then vying for a hedgehog sometime later, I started getting the question of whether they would get along. So, I researched a lot about it. After that, I began to wonder whether rabbits can get along with other pets as well. Who do they get along with, and who they don’t? So, I decided to write this post.

What Animals Get Along With Rabbits? A Comprehensive List!

So, what animals get along with rabbits? A lot of animals to get along with rabbits quickly. Rabbits are prey animals, and they should be pretty okay with other prey animals like hamsters, parrots, pigs, squirrels, chickens, et cetera. They do face problems with predators like dog breeds with high prey drive, tigers, snakes, et cetera. Read the post completely to understand who you can pair your rabbits with.

Here is a shortlist

  • With Cats — Yes; sometimes it depends
  • With Dogs — Yes but not all species
  • With chickens — Yes
  • With mice — Yes
  • With hedgehogs — Yes
  • With squirrels — Yes
  • With hamsters — Yes
  • With chinchillas — Yes
  • With ferrets — No
  • With pigs — Yes
  • With guinea pigs — Yes
  • With chipmunks — Yes
  • With birds — Yes
  • With ducks — Yes
  • With dragons — Yes
  • With groundhogs — No
  • With hares — Yes
  • With horses — Yes
  • With monkeys — Sometimes; not likely
  • With opossums/possums — No
  • With roosters — Sometimes; ignore each other
  • With raccoons — No
  • With skunks — No
  • With snakes — No
  • With sugar gliders — Yes
  • With tortoises — Yes
  • With tigers — No
  • With turtles — Yes
  • With goats — Yes
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1. Do rabbits and cats get along?

Do rabbits and cats get along

Rabbits and cats can get along well if they are introduced in a neutral environment. Rabbits are fine with cats that are not too angry or aggressive. Though, I would not introduce a baby rabbit and a cat. Make sure there is supervision until they are comfortable with each other. Remember, cats are natural hunters, and they would definitely smell prey from rabbits, so the initial meet up is highly important. That is not the case if they are brought up together. In that case, they do become comfortable and do not have any such problems.

Can rabbits get along with kittens?

Can rabbits get along with kittens

Regarding kittens who are quite small, some giant rabbits can intimidate them, so supervision is advisable. But yeah, the pairing of rabbits and kittens should not be a problematic scenario. 

2. Do rabbits and dogs get along?

Do rabbits and dogs get along

Yes, rabbits and dogs can get along. This is quite similar to the situation with cats. Dogs are hunters by nature, just like relatives in the wild. They do like to eat animals like rabbits for food. So, be careful while introducing your new bunny to your dog. What you could do is to get a cloth with your scent, and then rub it on the new rabbit for a while until his smell sets in. Now, introduce that cloth to your dog. See how he reacts. If the reaction is normal, you can introduce your rabbit pretty early, but make sure not to leave them alone until they are comfortable.

What about Labradors? Can they get along with rabbits?

Can Labradors get along with rabbits?

Each dog has a different personality, but Labradors are usually mellow and calm. So, they can get along with others quickly. If the Labrador and the rabbit are reared together, they shouldn’t be having any problems; however, if they are not, you should watch over them until they are comfortable with each other scents.

Can German shepherds and rabbits get along?

Can German shepherds and rabbits get along

German shepherds have a high prey drive. Therefore, you must introduce the rabbit to your dog before deciding to adopt it. In some situations, your Shep may choose to leave the rabbit alone while in other cases he may try to hunt him down.

Can puppies and rabbits get along?

Can puppies and rabbits get along?

Yes, puppies and rabbits can get along, but you have to make sure that the puppies not too excited to charge the rabbit. You should first take out your puppy to walk so that he can calm down before the initial encounter. After that, introduce your puppy to the rabbit while keeping him on a leash. Make sure your rabbit is inside his cage so that he feels comfortable.

do rabbits and Yorkies get along

dog, animal, small

I would not leave my rabbit with a Yorkie. Yorkies are specially bred to kill small mammals and rodents like rabbits. They prey drive is quite high, and therefore keeping them alone with the rabbit is not advised at any time. After seeing the rabbit, they are likely to freak out and bark for a long time.

What about small dogs? Can they get along with rabbits?

Can small dogs get along with rabbits?

Do rabbits and small dogs get along? Yes, it has been reported several times that small dogs can easily get along with rabbits. Hell, even some large rabbits can intimidate small dogs, so make sure that doesn’t happen. Some aggressive small dogs could change your rabbits, so make sure they are comfortable with each other before leaving them alone.

List of dog breeds that would be quite comfortable with rabbits:

  • Maltese
  • Japanese Chin
  • Bichon Frisé
  • Labradors
  • Golden retrievers
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Chihuahuas

List of dog breeds that could charge your rabbit:

irish wolfhound, chihuahua poodle mix, dogs


  • Scottish deerhound
  • Border terrier
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Fox terrier
  • Irish wolfhound
  • English foxhound
  • Saluki
  • Whippet
  • Greyhound
  • Lurcher
  • Airedale terrier
  • Italian greyhound
  • Afghan hound
  • Borzoi
  • Bolognese
  • Bedlington terrier


3. Do rabbits and chickens get along?

Do rabbits and chickens get along

Rabbits and chickens are both prey animals so they can get along well. They share a lot more in common than that: they are both sociable and like to live outside. If you want to keep them together in the same cage, make sure that the rabbit has his personal space as rabbits are much cleaner than chickens and want to stay out of poop and muck all the time.

Caution: rabbits can get a lot of diseases (like salmonella, coccidia, and streptococcosis) from chickens and vice versa. So, it’s a better idea to keep them in separate spaces.

4. Do rabbits and mice get along?

Do rabbits and mice get along

Rabbits can get along with small animals easily, and mice are no exception. Though at first, they might get scared of each other. But, as time passes, they should be absolutely fine with each other. Mice are usually non-aggressive in nature, and they run at even a hint of a threat quite similar to rabbits. That is not the case with rats.

So, can rats and rabbits get along together? That’s a tough question! Rats are usually quite aggressive. They can scare your bunny easily, but with a lot of training and hard work, they may get along.

can rats and rabbits get along together

Caution: Make sure your rabbit and rat stay apart from each other as rats carry a lot of pathogens and could easily infect your rabbit.

5. do rabbits and hedgehogs get along

hedgehog, animal, baby

Yes, hedgehogs and rabbits can get along nicely. Both of these animals are not predators, and so they can live in the same house without any problems. However, I would hesitate to put them together in the same cage as both could hurt each other. Hedgehogs are small compared to rabbits, and rabbits could step on them. Rabbits could also get injured due to hedgy’s spikes. So, keeping them together is not a great idea. Also, hedgehogs are quite territorial, and therefore, a cage would be a no-no.

6. do rabbits and squirrels get along

do rabbits and squirrels get along

Yes, rabbits and squirrels can easily get along, especially when they are young. You can also put young rabbits and squirrels in the same cage if they are not previously exposed to wild pathogens. Rabbits and young squirrels can snuggle together and form a cute bond. However, large squirrels and rabbits usually do not snuggle and even play differently.

This could lead to some problems as playing habits of rabbits and squirrels are quite different. Rabbits like to jump and run around while squirrels could assume this act differently and jump on the rabbit. This could be hazardous. Also, rabbits are usually solemn, and they do not like the constant company of others. So, keeping them apart would be perfect.

7. do rabbits and hamsters get along

do rabbits and hamsters get along

This is not a very good combination. Hamsters are very anxious animals, and they fear all the other animals, including humans. The likely would hide from the territorial rabbits every time you introduce them to each other. So, if you want to buy a new hamster after adopting a rabbit and want to keep them separate, then they should work out else I would not advise you of keeping them together.


Caution: hamsters are very fragile, and 30 cm drop can break the bones. Make sure not to leave the hamster and rabbit alone ever.

8. do rabbits and chinchillas get along

chinchillas, short tailed chinchilla, rodent

Yes, rabbits and chinchillas can get along well but under certain conditions. Although they look quite similar, they are different kinds of animals. They should not be decided in the same cage at any cost. Rabbits contain several bacterias that could harm chinchillas and even kill them. So, it would be a better idea to place them side-by-side in cages. Then you can assess their reaction while keeping the doors of the cages open so that they can walk out if they choose to. Then, you can also make them sit into your lap and see how they react to each other. All the first interactions should be highly supervised else they could harm each other.

9. do rabbits and ferrets get along

do rabbits and ferrets get along

Ferrets and rabbits are enemies. In the UK, they are used for hunting down rabbits. Therefore it is not a good idea to pair them together. Although homebred ferrets are not as fierce as their wild counterparts, but their natural instinct is to play with the prey (be it mouse, bird, or rabbit) until it is not moving anymore. So, don’t understand this playful thingy as some sort of indication of their getting along. Your ferret could hurt your rabbit fatally.

10. do rabbits and pigs get along?

do rabbits and pigs get along?

Some users have reported that potbelly pigs and rabbits can get along fine. As both animals are not predators, there shouldn’t be a problem of one eating another. But, I would be particularly careful as some large pigs are quite heavy and could hurt your bunny. Remember, pigs are omnivores, unlike rabbits. Also, as these pigs play outside in the mud, they could carry some serious diseases which could be fatal to any other animal. It’s a maybe for our side.


What about mini pigs? Can they get along with rabbits?

piglet, small pigs, mini

If those pigs are small enough and have no pathogens associated with them, then surely they had rabbits can get along nicely in the same home. I wouldn’t care much about leaving them alone too.

11. do rabbits and guinea pigs get along

do rabbits and guinea pigs get along

Yes, they can get along well if you keep in mind some precautions. Rabbits and guinea pigs, like different activities. While rabbits are more prone to chase and other animals, guinea pigs aren’t much of a fan of these. Your rabbit is quite big compared to a small guinea pig and, therefore may try to bully him. He can seriously injure the small animal as rabbits usually have sharp claws and powerful legs. Your guinea pig could be fatally injured if a rabbit goes after him.

So, try to keep those separate when you are not watching. Keeping them in the same cage is not a good idea [link]. If you still want to keep them in the same cage, make sure that the guinea pig has a safe space where he can go inside whenever he is threatened, and the entrance should be only large enough for him and not the rabbit. You can also try to neuter the rabbit to lessen his aggressive tendencies.


Caution: 1): rabbits contained a pathogen Bordetella bronchiseptica, which would be fatal to your guinea pig. 2) make sure to provide a nutritional diet for both the animals. They require different nutrients to sustain the body.

12. do rabbits and chipmunks get along

do rabbits and chipmunks get along

Chipmunks, unlike rabbits, hate being caged; that’s why people don’t like to keep them. Also, Chipmunks are wild animals and, therefore could contain diseases that could be harmful to your Bunny. Never leave a baby rabbit in front of a Chipmunk as they are omnivorous and can eat anything. Separate the two of them, and most likely, you won’t have a problem.

13. Do rabbits and birds get along? (Crows, geese, parrots, parakeets)

Do rabbits and birds get along

Just like cats and dogs, Butts and rabbits can work along well within the same household. However, rabbits are quite peculiar about noises, so not all birds species would fit right with them. Cockatoos and macaws can be good choices if you want to buy a new bird, and you already have a rabbit. Make sure to always speak to your veterinarian before buying a new bird.

As said before, rabbits are not usually frightened by high pitched noises, so if the bird species you are trying to adopt makes a lot of noises that’s a big no-no.  Rabbits can also get pick up fleas and ticks from birds while giving away Pasteurella, which is dangerous to birds.


So, can crows and rabbits get along?

can crows and rabbits get along

Absolutely not! Crows are often predators of rabbits, and they like to eat baby rabbits whenever they see an opportunity. Rabbits usually hide when they see crows approaching them. They would not make a good match.


Can parrots and rabbits get along?

Can parrots and rabbits get along

It all depends on the type of rabbit and the parrot you are adopting, but usually according to a lot of forums, they can get along quite nicely within the same household. I would still keep the precautions regarding pathogens and bacterias transferring from one species to the other.

Can rabbits and geese get along?

Can rabbits and geese get along

Geese and rabbits are not usually paired together as these are quite aggressive, but the combination may work where they could probably leave each other alone. Follow all the other precautions listed in the bird’s section.

Example 1: Geese ignoring Rabbits and doing their thing

Example2: Geese making noise towards, fighting with the rabbit

Can rabbits and parakeets get along?

rabbits and parakeets get along


Most likely, they will like each other or (in the worst-case scenario) leave each other alone. Both of them are not predators, so there shouldn’t be a problem of one eating the other. Keep in mind the other precautions listed in the bird’s action. Parakeets are also known as budgies around the world.


Can rabbits and budgies get along?


Yes, undoubtedly, you shouldn’t be having a problem while pairing these under your supervision. Both of them are not aggressive to each other and should be quiet ok with the presence of the other.

Can rabbits and other small birds get along?

rabbits and other small birds get along

Sure! Most rabbits can get along with other small birds, but they really get frightened with random chirrupings, random sounds. They cannot understand what is going on and therefore are uncomfortable in the presence of wild birds.




14. do rabbits and ducks get along

do rabbits and ducks get along

it is usually not a pretty good idea to pair these two species as they do you live in different environments. Ducks require constant access to fresh water, while that could be dangerous for rabbits. Also, sometimes rabbits can eat the poop and therefore get harmful diseases. Rabbits are usually scared of large birds as they do not understand the difference between a hawk and a duck. They think of them as predators. Ducks also feel threatened, and they do not like the presence of rabbits. I would keep them separate if I were you.

Example 1: Rabbit scarring Ducks

Example 2: Rabbits and ducks doing their thing on the same farm

15. do rabbits and dragons(bearded dragons) get along

do rabbits and dragons(bearded dragons) get along

They are likely to get along fine in the manner they will ignore each other. Most likely, the Rabbit would not interact with the dragon and vice versa. Rabbit won’t likely be eating your dragon as it is herbivorous, but you should keep an eye on both of them. The dragon could sometimes check out the rabbit, but the rabbit would likely ignore him after taking a sniff.

16. do rabbits and groundhogs get along (Woodchucks and rabbits)

do rabbits and groundhogs get along

Not a good idea, mate! Groundhogs are usually aggressive, and if they are captured, they would not likely be mingling with your rabbit. More so, your rabbit could get seriously injured if it is in a fight with the groundhog. Also, groundhogs are wild animals and can carry a lot of diseases that could harm your rabbit/sweet, sweet bunny.

17. do rabbits and hares get along

do rabbits and hares get along

They should be fine with some caveats. Hares and rabbits come from the same family tree Leporidae. But, there are some differences. Hares are a bit longer and reside mostly in the wild. They can be quite unfriendly to interactions, unlike rabbits. In the wild, hares and rabbits do not mate with each other. Remember, wild creatures, carry nasty bacteria and creatures like salmonella inside them. It also depends on the nature of the rabbit and how it can cope with other species in its cell


18. do rabbits and horses get along

do rabbits and horses get along

Horses are large animals, and rabbits can get intimidated by them. Also, one kick from a horse can kill your rabbit, so that is a condition too. However, stranger things have happened. Check the example below:

19. do rabbits and monkeys get along

do rabbits and monkey get along

It all depends on the type of monkey you are getting. Large monkeys can harass a small rabbit(video). Some of these are quite violent and can eat your rabbit as there are omnivores in nature. But, if they are reared together, you might get different results. Check out the video below on how a baby rabbit and a small monkey are getting along fine together.



20. do rabbits and opossums/possums get along

do rabbits and possums get along

They can get along, but most likely, they won’t. Possums are naturally nocturnal, while rabbits are most active in dawn and dusk. Possums eat garbage a lot of times and, therefore can carry severe diseases in them. They are known to carry deadly maladies. This could also be a reason to keep your rabbit away from these creatures. Also, possums would not likely to hurt your rabbit unless it comes in the way of its eating habits. Say, the possum is trying to catch a baby chicken, and your rabbit is also stuck in the same cage, then the rabbit could become a collateral victim.

21. do rabbits and roosters get along

do rabbits and roosters get along

Roosters are slightly more aggressive than chickens, so there could be a fight between the two. I would say there would not be a problem in keeping both of them together in the same area, but keeping them in the same cage is not advised. Most likely, they will ignore each other, as we can see in the videos below.

Example 1: Rabbit and rooster ignoring each other(mostly)

Example2: Rabbit and rooster ignoring each other


Example 3: rabbit could playfully jump the rooster

Example 4: no aggression but roosters are much more scared


22. do rabbits and raccoons get along

do rabbits and raccoons get along

Raccoons are naturally meat-eaters (actually they are omnivores). Rabbits can be a source of food for them but the right thing for you as they are quite slow. A raccoon can mostly run at a speed of 15 mph, while rabbits are quite faster than that. Keeping them together or making them a company is not advisable.

23. do rabbits and skunks get along

do rabbits and skunks get along

Skunks and rabbits are quite different creatures, and therefore, they do not understand each other. Skunks can get petrified by rabbits and vice versa. I would not advise you to keep them together, but they could be held in the same house under supervision. Skunks are carnivorous and can eat small animals. They have sharp teeth and a keen sense of smell. If push comes to shove, they could hurt your rabbit. The rabbit can also, while defending, could hurt your skunk. Pretty lousy match, IMHO!


Example1: rabbit jumping fearful skunk

24. do rabbits and snakes get along

do rabbits and snakes get along

That’s a funny question. No! rabbits and snakes can get along together neither in the same cage nor in the same house unless they are completely put off from each other. Snakes eat rabbits. It is one of their favorite foods. If you still want to keep both a rabbit and a snake, make sure the snake is too small (like, for example, a Kenyan sand boa) to eat a rabbit even if he wants to. Also, keep them separate and different cages in different rooms. That’s the best you can do.

25. do rabbits and sugar gliders get along

do rabbits and sugar gliders get along

Although sugar gliders have sharp teeth and are known to eat a small creatures like lizards, insects et cetera but as they are smaller than rabbits, and so the power dynamics are in favor of the bunny. You should not have a problem unless you keep them in the same cage.

Gliders are known to be courageous, and they can face any adversary without any fear. Several people have reported, and you can also see in the videos below that gliders could come in contact with rabbits without any hesitation. Sugar gliders are mostly wild animals, so I would fear for my rabbit’s health in case of constant close connection.

In my opinion, it’s not a good idea.

Example1: Sugar glider interacts with a rabbit

Example 2: Sugar glider playfully slaps a rabbit



26. do rabbits and tortoises get along

do rabbits and tortoises get along

Most data available online says they can get along. But remember, tortoise contain bacteria is like salmonella, which could infect rabbits easily. Rabbits are known to eat the poop of other animals, so I would not keep them in the same cage. Also, if you have an angry tortoise, a ram from the tortoise could damage the body structure of any small animal. Supervision is highly advised.


27. do rabbits and tigers get along

do rabbits and tigers get along

no! Tigers and rabbits cannot get along. They eat rabbits Goddammit. However, stranger things happen on the animal planet. In the video below, a baby tiger and a baby rabbit become friends after their mothers abandon them.

Example 1: baby Rabbit and Tiger can be friends

Example 2: Big Tiger eating a Rabbit


28. do rabbits and turtles get along

do rabbits and tigers get along

Yes, rabbits and turtles can get along. Turtles and tortoises are quite similar. The difference between them is that turtles are waterborne, and tortoises are land-based. Like tortoises, turtles can also have salmonella bacterias in them, which are harmful to rabbits.

You can watch out the video where a turtle and a rabbit are eating the veggies together.

29. do rabbits and goats get along

do rabbits and goats get along

Goats and rabbits are a workable combination. Just make sure that the courts do not have free access to the rabbit cage as they could eat their food all the time. Goats are lazy creatures, and if they found out that there is food stored in the open rabbit cage, they would love to grab it. In the process, your rabbit could also get hurt as goats have sharp hooves. Nevertheless, in an open field, you should not have a problem.


Summary (and a short table to help you out)

As you can see from the table below, a lot of animals can get along with rabbits. The consensus is you should keep your rabbits separated from most other animals as they can infect several pathogens that could produce diseases inside your cute little bunny. Also, some animals are outrightly dangerous to be kept with the little bun.

#Pet no 1Pet no 2Can they get along?Can they stay in the same house?Can they be put in the same cage?Are there chances of infection?
1RabbitCatsYes; sometimes it dependsYesNoPossible but not likely
2RabbitDogsYes but not all speciesYesNoPossible but not likely
3RabbitchickensYesYesYes with caveatsYes
4RabbitmiceYesYesMost likely noYes
5RabbithedgehogsYesYesNot not a good ideaYes
6RabbitsquirrelsYesYesNo. Not advisedYes
7RabbithamstersYesYesNo. Not advisedYes
11Rabbitguinea pigsYesYesNo. Not advisedYes
12RabbitchipmunksYesYesNo. Not advisedYes
13Rabbitbirds YesYesNo. Not advisedYes
14RabbitducksYesYesNo. Not advisedYes
17RabbitharesYesYesYes with caveatsYes
18RabbithorsesYesYesNoNot likely
19RabbitmonkeysSometimes; not likelyNot advisedNoYes
21RabbitroostersSometimes; ignore each otherYesNoYes
25Rabbitsugar glidersYesYesNoYes
27RabbittigersNoNoNoNot likely
29RabbitgoatsYesYesNoNot likely

if you have any problems regarding our article on “What Animals Get Along With Rabbits,” do use the contact us page to ask us anytime. You can also write a comment below.

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